TCG Has built their reputation on finding innovative solutions to the complex and contentious problems facing the firm’s public and private clients.


Headquartered on Commencement Bay in Tacoma Washington, Thompson Consulting Group is a boutique style firm with deep roots in the Northwest including consultants with long histories of working for some of our State’s most senior elected officials and on our region’s most complex environmental issues. Established in 1990, Thompson Consulting Group has long been considered a firm with deep expertise in matters of the environment, energy and more specifically natural resources. Over the past decade Thompson Consulting has been able to build a resume of success throughout the region that ranges from small local issues to large Federal agreements and funding strategies. Below are the core services Thompson Consulting continues to provide a myriad of clients today.

Strategic Planning

TCG works closely with its clients to develop a multi-faceted approach that can be implemented by TCG with their clients. These approaches may involve negotiations, mediation, government relations work, lobbying, and/or public relations.

Negotiation / Facilitation

On behalf of both public and private clients, the members of TCG have successfully negotiated some of the Northwest’s most significant environmental and regulatory agreements. Our role in some cases is to negotiate on the client’s behalf with other parties, or in other instances to act as an independent third party and provide facilitation/mediation services for multiple parties. In a typical engagement, our role allows us to work with our client and the appropriate federal, state, local or tribal governments to obtain a multi-party agreement.

Government Relations

TCG advocates for clients ranging from regulatory compliance to securing governmental funding for innovative public and private initiatives. Each year, TCG has been successful in securing scarce federal, State and local funding for unique public and private initiatives.